Friday, August 31, 2012

Antelope Island With Daddy

A few weeks back we went over to Antelope Island... which is an island in the Great Salt Lake that is home to (wait for it...) antelope and bison. It's a fun little place if you like biking and exploring new things.

Lucas and I visited this place last year with Emily and kiddos, but Matt hadn't had an opportunity to check it out... so we got up early and made the drive over.

I took a number of pictures and thought I should share em' with you all!

Lucas is quite the "poser" now... and asks to have his picture taken in front of things he this old tractor.

This is another tractor (duh) but it resembles "Otis"... a character in one of Lucas' favorite books.

In the background is the Salt Lake... and boy is it stinky!


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