Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Distance Really Makes The Heart Fonder

We had the pleasure of a short visit from Matt's folks this last weekend. They're weren't in town even 24 hours, but it was so fun to have them in spite of the fact that we missed them immediately after letting them go. 

 As Lucas ages I am beginning to see his love for family blossom and it's both touching and challenging. Touching... because he wanted to show Grandpa and Grandma his room, his toys... he was so excited to have them in his space! He talked and played and tickled! The joy in his heart was radiant and evident throughout the evening and morning we spent with Dan and Lisa... the child could not contain his happiness.

On the flip side, Lucas is becoming aware of the distance we have between those we love in Oregon and here...where we live. Immediately after Grandpa and Grandma left, Lucas continued to ask when we would see them again. He would ask questions like: "See Grandpa tonight?" And when I say, "No... we'll see Grandpa soon... but a few sleeps need to happen first."... his disappointment was evident; even emotional.

Before now, we've always visited our loved ones in their homes... and now that we've had them in our home, it's unlocked a new concept with our little man. The concept of "taking a trip" to see our family has been the thing that enables a visit... so when Grandpa and Grandma made the trip... Lucas couldn't quite put the pieces together. He's thrilled... and still talking about the visit... but the vacancy Grandma and Grandpa left behind is big and a little painful.

Even still, it opens opportunity for conversation about the way we feel regarding the people we love and when we love someone we talk to them on the phone, or send emails or video chat! It provides opportunity to talk about how excited we are to see them again in "real life"... And it gives us sweet memories to hold onto until that next time we get to be together.

Thank you Grandpa Dan and Grandma Lisa for taking the long drive from Boise to see us! We love you and cannot wait to see you again in just a few weeks!

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