Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dinglehoppers and Wizzing

I currently share a bathroom with three grown men and a toddler boy. Enough said, right? Yes...every time I use the restroom I spot things that make me cringe and then I wipe the bathroom down... like, every day. Ugh.

I should be fair and say, that I live with very gentlemanly men. They don't pee on the walls or leave streaks in the toilet... but they have masculinity and that, my friends, is enough. Pubic hair and pee.

(I can't believe I just said that!!!)

Gross, right? Right.

Anyway... I've decided it's time for Lucas to start peeing standing up. It was a hundred times easier to potty train him sitting down and I've just stuck with that. But now... he's going in public restrooms more often and it's actually easier for me to have him tinkle standing up.

Except when the toilet is taller than his dinglehopper.

The child literally pees on the back of the toilet... making no regard for the backsplash or the wizz dripping down on his shoes. He's attempting to "put his potty into the toilet" which results in peeing all over the toilet... literally hosing it down.

And all I can do is stand there and wait for it to be over.

Because who yells at their child while he's attempting to pee? Yes... I have. And I can tell you from experience... it doesn't work. It just freaks him out more... resulting in frantic wizzing. Which I can tell you again, not good.

So here I am. Wiping urine off of everything. My hands smell like Seventh Generation bathroom cleaner... which is a plus, compared to urine.


  1. Oh Beth! I totally feel for you!! We're right there with you...except Micah is only two weeks into his potty training. Sigh. A whole new level of grossness as a parent. :S Stay sane, my friend. Shannon :)

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah, I'm so scared!