Friday, August 17, 2012

Summertime Joy

This Summer has been a fun and refreshing season with Lucas. He's now at an age where all activities include being brave and adventurous. The boy loves water, mud, and being naked! As a mother I never realized how much joy I would receive from observing childhood through the eyes of my own child. It's possible I live vicariously through his mindless, careless play... running around without a worry in the world. It's delightful and I anticipate many more fun, lighthearted summers to come.

Sprinkler and a bucket. This child loves his buckets! He carries them all over the yard and waters things.
Emily has a patch of garden that was left unkept. Lucas and I dug a "river" and "lake" into the dirt and then filled it with water. Needless to say, it's been a BIG hit!
Tomatoes grow and the boy eats them. This is a good thing, since he and I are the only ones who like tomatoes.
Water guns!
And... a muddy face.

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  1. Oh, the joys of summer, boyhood, water and... mud! Thanks for sharing!