Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Bike Ride

Lucas and I took a bike ride today... he in the trailer. I look forward to the day he rides his own bike, and yet... I don't. So for now, the kiddo rides in the bike trailer.

And talks the entire way to our destination... even though I can't hear him because of the wind, or traffic or whatever. He's good company, at least.

And then we stopped for snacks... which was a big hit. After snacks we made our way to the park... which wasn't too much farther up. We made new friends, solidified that we were not from that neighborhood (thus establishing we were not LDS) and then headed home.
And Lucas complained the entire way home... basically still talking, only whining. Dear child.

It was still fun... and a great, cheap way to get out of the house in the beautiful Fall-is-coming weather (did I mention the weather!?... it's divine these days!). I think we'll make a habit of biking more often.

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