Friday, September 14, 2012

The Sweeter Life

Pioneer Theater opens their first show of the season for this year tonight... and all I can think about is how nice it will be to have my husband back!

This week has been particularly challenging.

We don't have a car right now, so the hubs has been leaving around eight every morning to catch the bus. He works all day... and night... and then rides his bike back home around two am. Last night he was home around midnight.

Then he gets up and does it again the next day.

I'm exhausted for him... both emotionally and physically. And thankfully, a few lighter weeks are right around the corner.

I'm not going to the show tonight, which is fine. But on some level it's always been nice to commence these rough weeks with dinner and an evening together... even if it's still at work. And these weeks have been rough! I enjoy reconnecting and finding a sense of "us" again on Matt's last night of a show...

But we'll spend the evening apart again... and begin our "normal" routines tomorrow morning. We'll have breakfast, go for a walk and get to all the things that are put on the back burner while hubs is slaving away at work.

I'm thankful for hardworking husbands, paying jobs and our adorably unique life... but I'm even more thankful for the time we have together when all of these things separate us for a time. I think it's safe to say that distance does make the heart fonder, and though it takes selflessness and a vision for the big picture, the time spent apart reminds me just how much sweeter life is when Matt is around.

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