Monday, November 12, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 12 - The Grocery

I'll be honest, this post seems a little lame... but really, it isn't! Today I'm thankful for the grocery store. I often think about how lucky we are to have such diversity and choices in our produce, meat and dairy consumption! I mean, seasonally we have more than we deserve... and can you imagine if we only had the food we grew ourselves!? One farm cannot manage or own that much food!

In addition, I love food... a lot. So I love preparing for meals... lists, shopping, creating and finally... sharing and eating! It's such a treat to go to the store and choose food. I love the produce section the most... as it contains everything from dill to mangos! I imagine what I can cook with these fun items and if it's the right price, I buy it! So much fun!

Lastly, our grocery stores allow us to have nutritious, safe foods (mostly). We so very fortunate to have rules and guidelines that go along with selling food to ensure our safety... and it we're wise, we choose healthy, wise options. These options allow us to thrive with good health and sound minds.

Where do you shop for groceries? Do you realize just how lucky you are to have options, safety and fun in choosing and preparing your food?

Today... we should be thankful for our food and where our food comes from.

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