Tuesday, November 13, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 13, Holiday Ranting

Every day I title a post for this series I think to myself: "Is it seriously day (insert day here)!?" Where are the days and weeks going!? Goodness... we're almost halfway through November... and a week and a half until Thanksgiving.

Wait, what!? One week... and a half?

Oh gosh... so that means we're just nearly a month away from Christmas. WE'RE NEARLY A MONTH FROM CHRISTMAS!

So, I started my Christmas gifting today. Like... thinking about it....but really more like imagining the gifts I would create/buy/find for my friends and family. Yea... holy crappers! A month away!

Is it acceptable to give everyone jars of jelly beans?

Then I thought about how last week it was seventy degrees and the leaves were orange and I was hot... and today I had a runny nose, cold fingers and I was wearing that wonderful wool coat my mother in law gave me a few Christmases back.

Oh yea... Christmas. IS NEARLY A MONTH AWAY! And Thanksgiving is nearly a week away.

To be honest, I just love Thanksgiving... and I really love Christmas!

It'll be perfect...as long as I don't waste these days and weeks that I have left to prepare for my favorite holidays.

Better get to planning. And baking. And creating!

...and buying jellybeans. 

In spite of my angst for time slipping away, I absolutely ADORE the holidays. I couldn't look at the Christmas Story in the bookstore today without getting teary... and if I even imagine Christmas morning with all the sweets and hugs and giddiness, it inadvertently brings a smile to my face. I love the anticipation. I love the process of preparing.

As I figure out my dishes for this Thanksgiving (that we're spending with Miss Katie and her sweet family!), I hope to focus on the love and graciousness in my own life. I hope to focus on the meaning of Thanksgiving and be intentional about that. I hope to share the joy I've been given with those whom I care for deeply .

This week and next, let's be intentional about planning and yet be more intentional about why we plan.

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  1. I just got done skimming and catching up on your thankful posts. I wish I had time to fully read through all 13, but alas, I can barely keep up on my blog ;)

    It's so sweet that you're taking time to really document things you're thankful for. All the way from the mundane, to those things we hold most precious. Your posts are so much more then a pithy status update on FB. Not to say those are bad, but instead how refreshing your well laid out thoughts are. Acknowledging today's frustration, but then consciously turning it on it's head into something joyful.

    I'm blessed to call you my friend <3