Saturday, November 17, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 17, Mom Friends

This morning I met up with a few of my lovelies for coffee. We all have varying lifestyles and are each very unique from one another... but when we get together, it's always a lot of laughing and great story telling.

Three of the four of us have kids. The fourth has recently been married but is surrounded by children... so she always chimes in with some good stories herself. We talk about things like how to keep a clean house (or attempt a clean house), how to raise our children to be functional and happy adults someday (i.e. no more pooping their pants) and we admit to things we're not exactly proud of (like forgetting to brush our teeth, even though we have makeup on... priorities people!)... but it's still always a good story.

I gotta admit... I am SO thankful for the women in my life who are honest, godly and vulnerable with one another. Being a woman in this world can be tough...we're complex, emotional and layered... which is a beautiful thing! But, being a wife, mother, homemaker, money maker, sister, and friend can get fairly complicated.

I can't imagine doing this without the women who tell those funny stories (like accidentally putting on two pair of underwear one day!), encourage each other and talking about how the Lord has blessed us with so many good things! Only the women who are "moms" in my life can truly understand what we're dealing with here... and sometimes misery (and joy) needs company.

Being a mom is hard! But having mom friends makes it all the easier!

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