Tuesday, November 27, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 27, Being A Stay At Home Mom

It goes without saying, the past week was a bit hellish (I'm being dramatic... no one died or lost a limb) for me and now that I've grown acclimated to the crazy* (being my child) I have a feeling things will improve. Hopefully my attitude improves. Because dang! I've been grumpy.

Anyway... today started rough (not enough sleep, I'm mad at my hubs job, my kid woke me up twice last night, I feel fat...) and my attitude was yet again, bad. But after some thought, prayer and a devotion (um... it's been awhile) I realized how so much of my attitude depends on my own willingness to shape up!

All of this thought came in a moment when I was folding clothes (which is one of the most common times I have epiphanies) and I mentally conversed with myself. It went like this:

"I'm SO glad I can finally get to this laundry."

"Yea... it'll be nice when it's done. There's nothing quite like lots of clothes to wear and nothing in the hamper. I love it!"

"... it's weird you like folding clothes."

"I know."

"I bet working mom's have a tough time getting all their laundry done."

"Yea... I'm so thankful I can do it all in one day. It would drive me nuts, otherwise."

"... I'm really thankful I'm a stay at home mom."


"It's true."

"But you've been such a whiner..."

"I know. But this is nice... having a home life that is fresh, stable and thoroughly wonderful. I should be thankful for that."

So, that was my internal monologue. And in a moments flash I realized how truly wonderful this harried, chaotic, emotionally stressful job is... parenting. It's wearing me out and yet, filling me to the brim.

I value this and in turn, I should be thankful for it.

*I'm fairly certain "crazy" is going through a growth spurt, which almost always involves erratic emotions, wild bodily movements and refusal to cooperate.

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