Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 28, Community

Today we had a friend come over and play for a little bit... and what a treasure he is! His Mamma brought him over while she went and had her hair cut and it was the highlight of my day!

That being said, she sent me a text this morning that said "Huds has a runny nose... are you still comfortable with him coming over?" Isn't she sweet? Of course I said, "Yes!"

To be fair, we're around kids all the time and seriously... I have a three year old. The child would lick an escalator at a moments notice. I'm not too worried about cold germs.

Perspective, people.

Anywho... when Katie came in the stress was evident on her face... and she continued to apologize and ask if it was still okay and how she felt like such a "bad mom"...

But really, it was okay. That Mamma needed to get out and get herself a haircut. Even thirty minutes of no baby can be SUCH a relief. I wanted that for her.

Poor Huds... he's definitely sick... sneezes and boogers and coughing. But don't all babies get sick? Don't they all cough and have boogers? Oh well...

He was precious. We snuggled, and laughed at the cat and chewed on everything (those things have been quarantined)! It was such a delight to rub those soft curls on his head while he drank his bottle and see him smile at me when we made eye contact.

Just... melts... my... heart.

Then Katie returned and I gave her snotty, sleepy little guy back to her. Assured her again, it was a treat. And who knows? Lucas or I may have a little cold to fight off this coming week... but it's inevitable. And frankly, I'd rather catch a cold from sweet, adorable little Hudson than an escalator any day.

Today, I'm thankful Katie allowed me to love on her precious little boy. I'm thankful Katie trusted me, went out on a limb and allowed herself to "burden" me with her snotty little man. Isn't that what we do in community... in family? We carry each other's burdens, willingly. And when it's willingly, it doesn't feel like a burden at all. It feels like a blessing... for all of us.

Bear one each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. - Galatians 6:2


  1. I totally agree with your "perspective" comment! Jackson licks playground equipment all the time (gross and makes me want to die) and you're right! I'd much rather he get sick from an adorable baby than a piece of Hepatitis ridden playground equipment! Love it :)