Saturday, November 03, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks: Day 3, The Sun

The sun on my face is one my most blessed sources of joy in life. Simple and trite as it may seem, the sun brings immense emotional and mental warmth to my self... keeping me from depression, sadness and seasonal lows.

Being a person who spent the majority of her childhood, adolescence and young adulthood in the Northwest, I am familiar with the dark and damp that can bring a person down. It's the overhanging, looming, constant state of cozy... which for some is cathartic and relaxing. For others it evokes feelings of heaviness, dreariness and general blah. I'm one of those others... and I didn't even realize this was the case until...

...moving to Salt Lake City. I noticed weeks had gone by without cloudiness or days of rain... and how much joy filled my heart! I noticed how productive I had been and when I sat in the car.. even on the coldest of days... how the sun came through the windows and warmed my skin, creating happiness in my very core. I love the sunshine!

Yes... I'm affected by the weather. And yes, my joy and happiness can be altered by the weather. And yes, I'm okay admitting that. Because some days the only thing that truly snaps me out of my head is the realization that the sun is shining and being a girl from Portland, that's an awesome thing!

So today, if you can... go stand outside or in a window and let the sun penetrate your heart. Let it soak in and be thankful that we have the sun. It oversees everything and truly, without the sun there are no flowers. I'd like to consider myself a flower... brighter and more colorful when I've had the sun on my face.

Are you thankful for the sun, rain, snow or clouds? Do you find your personality radiating more brightly with a particular type of weather?

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  1. Living in Phoenix I adore the rain. But that's mainly because like Portland's abundance of rain, we have an abundance of sunshine. ;)