Thursday, November 08, 2012

30 Days Of Thanks - Day 8, Food

I'll admit it... I love food. I love delicious food, to be specific. I love food that is prepared for me... and I love to prepare food for myself and others.

To me, it seems logical that I should enjoy something my body needs to survive. I mean, we're supposed to eat every day to keep our bodies strong, healthy and functioning. And in this responsibility of feeding ourselves, we have opportunity to choose foods that are nourishing, beautiful and delicious. Why wouldn't we?

In this place we live, we are spoiled. We are the lucky. We have things many folks around the world do not. Our homeless have more food than some children in starving countries have... and this makes me sad to the core. How fortunate are we? What a gift we've been given... and we should not squander it.

Today I'm thankful for the fresh, delicious food I have been given. And instead of eating a bowl of cereal for dinner, I will make a meal to nourish my body and feed my soul. And before eating that food, I will thank the Lord for all he's given me... and I will pray for protection for the people who will be going without tonight.

Be thankful with me. And let's think of those who have little to be thankful for.

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