Monday, November 26, 2012

A Mother's Love

A mother's love is of peculiar interest to me. Our generation especially...we complain about our children and discuss how they've put us out. And yet, we snuggle these critters, give them the best we have and exhaust ourselves for them.

I'm in a place right now, that is difficult. Emotionally, that is. I dearly love my head-strong child...but his difficult and normal behavior has me struggling with sanity by the days' end. I find myself weary and broken.

Here I am complaining, as it is...and yet this child was, is and continues to be my choice. I will ALWAYS choose him, in spite of the farts, talk backs, loudness and defiance. His unwillingness to cooperate makes me shake with frustration and yet, my love runs deep.

How is this possible? How is it, that I am weary with emotion and fatigue, and in the morning I will be full of patience and joy for this little person? Is this comparable to God's love for us, only on a more majestic scale? We frustrate our God, but instead of destruction, he gives us grace...and love.

Really, it's a miracle.

For now, I need the form of blissful slumber. Prayers will be said and then, I will leave this hard, frustrating day behind me. My sleep and God's redeeming grace will fill me while I dream ...and tomorrow I will wake, full of mother's love.

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