Sunday, November 04, 2012

Post Halloween Post

Slap my hand for not posting Halloween pictures!

This was Lucas' first Halloween to trick or treat... or do anything Halloweenish for that matter. And let me tell you... that boy his mom was so excited!

I just adore holidays and now that I have a little one to share them with, they're even more exciting! I don't have to convince him to be thrilled, or wish he'd get in the mood or hope he's into it as much as I am... because he's all of the above. I love it!

So here are some pics of Lucas' official first halloween!

Our adorable little pirate. Argh!

Aviana (Eastern Princess), Lucas, Cole (Frodo), and Alidia (Merida). Cuties!

In the car on the way to our friends' Sam and Amelia's house!

Terrible pic... but Lucas' first house to trick or treat at.

A visit to see daddy at work! Yay!

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  1. Such great pics! Man, Lucas looked cute. And my gosh, you are disciplined at this blogging thing- well done!