Tuesday, January 08, 2013


This past weekend I went on my first snowshoeing adventure ever! It was a short little afternoon jaunt, but so fun!

A few girl friends from church graciously invited me and after wrangling up a set of shoes, a pair of snow pants and a little courage, I jumped in!

We headed up to a canyon just outside of the city, where fresh air was bound to be had. The inversion in the city right now is brutal... leaving many of us with coughs, head colds, and asthma type of symptoms.

The cool air was fresh and the company was great. There is something about being in areas of wilderness and quiet. The only sound to be heard was the bubbling creek and the occasional crack of a tree.  Loved it!

Predictably, I was the only person who took photos... since most of the gals I was with are avid snowshoers. They're out all the time and see the clear air often. I hope to be that way too.

You see that nasty air in the valley... yea, that's Salt Lake Valley. And we're breathing that into our lungs every day right now.

Myself, Josie, Amanda, Rochelle, and Becky.

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