Monday, January 07, 2013

Quick Christmas Recap

Christmas is long over, but I need to post a few pics that bring me joy when I look back on our time with loved ones.

It was a blessed time for both our families, as it's been a couple years since we have all been together! It was such a treat to be at home!

As usual, my mother in law looked lovely on Christmas Eve.
Matt with Beth and Andrew... probably the first time the three of them have been together since Beth's wedding. Aren't they cute!? I think Matt needs a pair of glasses to match the family.

As usual, this one stole all our hearts. Corinne is just precious!

Christmas Eve at Gran's was as delightful as usual. Lucas is taking his place between two of his favorites; Daddy and Uncle Andrew!
 As tradition would have it, we spent a few days before Christmas with Matt's family. On Christmas Eve, we made the short trip back to Portland to spend the remainder of the holiday with my family. Christmas morning was splendid!
Love this girl... can't imagine a good Christmas without my sister.

This would be a traditional looking Cates family tree. Toys and ornaments aplenty. The bike and dog are Lucas'... which frankly are probably the coolest gifts "Santa" could have ever brought!

Love my family.
Giving Lucas a family-filled Christmas is so meaningful and I'm excited to imagine the positive memories he will have with each year following. I have a warm heart when it comes to Christmas, and I only hope he will too!

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