Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting Back To It

Hello friends! Lucas and I are back from Portland and settled in. It always takes a few days to shake off the wear and tear of travel and feel fresh again.

Our trip to Portland was productive. Mom had surgery, so Lucas and I (mostly I) went to be helpful. I believe it's safe to say, we were very helpful.

It was tough leaving. Mom wasn't doing so great the day I flew back to Salt Lake, but after being away for two weeks I felt it was necessary to get back to our own life here.

Thankfully, Mom is slowly getting better and on the road to recovery.

So now that we're back, my mind is full of the usual shenanigans. I'm hoping to be more mentally present and offer more in the way of my blog.

It's safe to say I've gone through a bit of a dry spell with this blog. It's served so many purposes for myself included, but some days I just wonder "what's the point?!"

I have a few friends who have very productive blogs, beautiful blogs... smart blogs. But mine is just down to earth, homey and quite frankly, a bit petty. Sigh...

I need to be okay with that. I don't have the same values and frankly, I shouldn't be comparing. It's a trap.

All of that being said, we're back and I'm hoping to be more attentive here. I'm also hoping for a little bit of a revamp in the future... but we'll cross that bridge when we get there!

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