Thursday, April 18, 2013

Little Soccer Man

We may as well rename today "Bad Attitude Day" because GOOD LORD! my child has got it bad. Seriously, though. This has to be normal development... the development of sass talk, grumpiness and just plain ol' naughty.

Breath out... it'll pass, right? Right!?

Normally Thursdays are soccer practice days and I'm thanking the Lord in Heaven we don't have it today. Practice was cancelled and it has to be divine intervention, because listening skills are at an all time low, the ability to follow directions is negative and tempers are at the surface. Some days you just don't want to have to go there... and practice would take us there; all the way there.

In honor of Lucas' new-found love of soccer, I will post a couple of my favorites. I know the child has like, fifteen years of sports ahead of him... but this is his first try at team sports! So I'm a little excited... if you can't tell.

Let's be honest... most of the game Lucas spends pretending to be a spider...which also happens to be the name of their team.

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