Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Every Moment Of Tenderness

In my slack, I've failed to keep you all up to date on Lucas. Frankly, it seems as if the weeks go by effortlessly and he continues to grow into this little man child. A little man full of life, emotion and personality.

All of this is great. Lucas will undoubtably be a great man some day. He's always happy... quick to ask for a tickle or go for a run. I find myself unable to keep up with the constant chatter, activity and charm he adds to any and all situations right now.

I'm tired a lot. But, I'm encouraged that we've been blessed with such a charming boy in our lives.

Lucas is a independent kid who is constantly asking questions and seeking answers. He eagerly learns all he can about life and though we find this endearing, we find ourselves worn out at the days end. From the moment he wakes to the moment he falls asleep, he's alive, buzzing and whirring with activity.

I find myself soaking up what little bits of baby are left in our little boy, as he is quickly developing into a young man who is strong and willfully proving to the world he's ready to conquer it. I soak up the moments of tenderness when he randomly says: "I love you Mom." Or, "Mom, you're beautiful." Though I know these statements won't change in his heart, I know I'll hear them less frequently as he develops his sturdiness and strength against the world.

For now, I'll snuggle that baby boy and I'll catch every moment of tenderness possible.

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