Monday, June 03, 2013

Good Things

Good things have happened this week... a lot of good, actually. 

I'll share in photos:

Baby ducklings! My heart felt a little sad for Mama duck, because there were only two ducklings left... most mama's have around 6 ducklings. That being said, they were adorable and ate ALL of the bread we brought along. 

Matt had to run to Twin Cities for a piece of equipment, so we decided to make it a family trip. Coincidentally, the Mall of American also happens to be in Twin Cities. So we stopped. I'm glad we didn't make a special trip, but we were able to hit up  the Lego Store! 

This is overlooking the Lego Store! It was actually pretty awesome.

A hamburger I ate... at Five Guys. Simply delicious. 

We experienced a number of dark storms last week. Prayers for Oklahoma were said, because even without the tornadoes  those storms were violent. Dark clouds coming... better get indoors! In spite of the dramatics, the storms are beautiful and create a real sense of adventure.

We moved into an apartment this past weekend and it's divine! No more Super 8! Ironically, now that we're in a spacious and lovely apartment, we get to endure large trains rolling by every hour and half. And they don't exactly roll... they fly through town doing about 35 mph, which rocks the building and rumbles everything. Needless to say, Lucas loves it!

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