Sunday, June 09, 2013

Keep Us Out Of Trouble

Guys... it's raining again today and yes, I too am tired of hearing myself complain. That being said, we'll be indoors doing some play stuff and attempting creativity.

As I sit here with my coffee (yum!) Lucas is at the same table with his Play-Doh. Love that stuff! It seriously is the ONLY activity I can expect to keep his interest for like, an hour! I'm not kidding... laundry days equal Play-Doh days. It's a lifesaver.

Regarding creativity, I glanced at a Pin on Pinterest and came up with probably the best idea ever! Here's a picture:

Masking tape and Matchbox cars. Matchbox cars are $1.10 at Target and masking tape was $2.99. We brought our cars from home, but all in all, this can be a five or six dollar activity that you can be as creative with as you please. I think today we'll add another town somewhere else in the house... and mask a road to join the two. When we leave, the "roads" will peel up without a hitch and we can move on. Amazing!

It's a huge challenge to find things to do indoors without buying a ton of toys. To boot, we can't travel with big toys... so there is no point in buying things. Instead, we must choose creativity.

Today, Play-Doh and Matchbox cars will keep us out of trouble. With a fine mix of library books, and tickling, of course.


  1. My cousin drew something similar on a shower curtain for her girls. They loved it! I made one on butcher paper for Katie and it lasted days. I like the masking tape idea though! You can spread it out a lot more. Way to go Beth! :)

  2. This is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. You'll have to remind me of this in the next couple of years.

  3. So cute and what a great picture! Play doh is always our go to as well. They love to help make it and then play with it forever- woo hoo! Missing you around here!