Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Scenic Wisconsin

We had a few days of no rain, but today it's pouring... so here we are again. I think we'll read books, make cookies, take naps... maybe watch a movie. I'm going to approach this with as much enthusiasm as possible.

Yesterday, Lucas and I drove up to Eau Claire, Wisconsin to visit friends. I gotta tell ya... Wisconsin is beautiful! It's lush with green forested hills and has some of the prettiest countryside I've ever seen! I took the scenic drive, which meant avoiding the highway and it was worth it.

Lucas and I spent the day with Beth and her sweet little boys, Elliot and Parker. It was a treat to play with kiddos who had the coolest stuff! Lucas was lost in the sandbox all day and if we couldn't find him there, he was immersed in the worlds biggest train set. Elliot and Parker are both close to Lucas' age... Lucas is sandwiched between the two of playtime was fairly ideal.

For myself, the opportunity to catch up with Beth was priceless. There is something amazing about Beth... her ability to share honest feeling is refreshing. To boot, Beth rarely does anything without purpose. Her intentional living is refreshing and it feels as if there is room for the stuff that really does matter. Yesterday was a great day for me to engage with another adult, but not just any adult... a woman I care for and greatly benefit from.

It's in these times I'm grateful for Matt and I's travels. I would not otherwise have had the same opportunity to visit Wisconsin and enjoy a fun, relaxing day with Beth and her sweet kiddos. The days we seize to reconnect with people who add goodness to our hearts are some of the best days of our lives.

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