Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lucas' Fourth Birthday

I'm so behind on blogging, you guys... but I wanted to get back into the swing of things and in an effort to jump start my own motivation, I'm blogging about Lucas' fourth birthday.

Four years old!!

Lucas is full of life and as always, he brings immense joy into our lives. His vivacious approach to all things makes for entertaining and laughter-filled days. As Lucas learns more about life and himself, he maintains that positive approach, allowing all of us to receive joy in seeing him grow into the young man he's intended to be.

Lucas' appetite for learning is high and allows for fun and easy days as we learn to read, understand numbers and approach all aspects of life with a heightened curiosity. As a normal four year old, Lucas is never without questions. The word "why" is always and ever present. It's tiring, but encouraging to see our little boy exploring the world around himself with eagerness and enthusiasm.

As Lucas grows and develops, we can see his athletic curiosity develop alongside. Soccer is still a favorite, as is t-ball, throwing, and running.  It is a thrill to see skills, such as catching, hitting with a bat and throwing, develop into more functional and fun abilities.

Along with the good, comes the feisty. Our boy has not lost his sense of will-power and strong mindedness and though this has helped strengthen many aspects of Lucas' life, it continues to be a part of Lucas we mold and shape to be positive. Being a mother and father to Lucas has, at times, been very challenging. His ability to function like an independent-thinker is fully in bloom, but as parents we often have to step in and this can bring about frustration, and defiance. It can be a challenge to teach your child to be independent and yet, to respect authority and those around himself. As we continue to seek this balance with Lucas we often see the strong and independent side of his personality revealed.

Lucas is beginning to understand more about the relationship between his heart and God. While trying to maintain a healthy balance between practicality and spirituality, Matt and I integrate our own spiritual beliefs into Lucas' every day life. Prayer, talk of creation, stories to explain the magnificence of God and most importantly, the abundant grace of God are important lessons we wish to bestow on Lucas as he grows into a man some day. A heart of love, generosity and compassion is something we see developing as Lucas learns more about what it means to have a life that reflects our spiritual beliefs. It's a proud moment for Matt and I when our child is eager to show affection, love and grace toward everyone around himself.

We couldn't be more proud of our boy. There is much to learn and experience in this fourth year of life. We'll explore Muncie, Indiana after moving from Salt Lake City. We will potentially try out preschool in addition to continuing our home schooling education. Lucas will make new friends, share his experiences with old friends and grow even sweeter and wise as the year passes!

I've posted a couple pics from a small family birthday party we had at Papa and Grandma's house.

Daddy bought you your first fishing pole and life jacket!
Matt and Papa BBQ'ing
Sausages and Strawberry Shortcake

Brooklynn and Lucas

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