Monday, August 19, 2013

It's Gonna Be Great

Today is our first "normal" day in months! It feels good, actually. I'm sitting here at the table, drinking a cup of coffee. Lucas is napping and the house is quiet, minus the hum of the air conditioner.

After our "epic summer roadtrip" we were more than ready to be in a place we could call home. I think Muncie will be a fine home for us. It's refreshing to finally be in a mental and emotional place where we can let down our guard a little bit. We can relax and process everything we've experienced the past two and a half months. Keeping it together while attempting to travel, work and move all at the same time proved for Matt and I to be huge emotional challenge. It wasn't bad, just challenging.

So, here we are. Muncie feels very rural... there are fields and fields of corn stalks and soybean plants every direction out of town. With that in mind, Muncie feels like a college town too. Most of the burger joints are bars and every grocery store is filled with college kids, stocking up as they move into their new housing. There is an excitement in the air, and I can't help but love it.

Things are different and I fear we grew spoiled in Salt Lake City. There are no parks within walking distance of our house. Matt and I are going to have to seek and find the restaurants and coffee shops that have personality and a community charm. I've yet to find a grocery store that is reasonably priced, and also contains nutritious foods and ethical business practices. Salt Lake City had all the options of a large city, but was a small city within itself. Muncie does not have large city options, which means we'll learn to be creative, learn to live simply and learn to appreciate the great things Muncie does have to offer (I hope to find more of those things as we are here longer).

The weather has been divine, and in spite of the overall dryness, the grass and trees are all still very green. The skies are blue... without a hint of pollution. The clouds are fluffy and white and the wind smells sweet, like farms and agriculture (probably laced with a little pesticide... let's be honest). I think we're going to love it here. I think it will grow on us... if it hasn't already. I think we already miss our friends (deeply) and family, but with time and patience, we will suddenly realize we have new friends with new perspectives and new backgrounds; and it's gonna be great.

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