Friday, September 27, 2013

Preschool Follow-Up

I need to post a few things about preschool, so bear with me folks.

Lucas is LOVING preschool. I guess that's probably a given, but seriously you guys... he loves it. As a mother who lovingly dotes ALL her attention on one child, it brings me immense peace knowing my child is happy with this new transition.

Speaking of transition. I was thinking, "oh it's gonna be a rough week" or "he's gonna have some adjusting to do" and of course, "what am I going to do with all this free time?"

Let me tell you, there was no transition, really. We walk in, Lucas puts his backpack in his cubbie, I sign him in and he's gone. He's playing or talking to his friends. It was as if we've been doing preschool all along. The child is tired in the evenings (which makes my heart happy), but there have been no breakdowns, no emotionally charged conversations and no issues with insecurity.

Maybe he's still too young to feel insecure? I dunno.

Even better? I've found plenty to do in my own free time... and I love it. It felt weird at first, but I quickly adjusted. Trust me.

Lucas says these things about school:

  • "We talk about God. He's cool. And he loves me... you too mom. And Dad." (Glad God loves Dad too)
  • "Mrs. Candace tells me I can't wrestle with the other kids. I can't punch either." (So... he's THAT kid)
  • "I think Macie is pretty. She smart too. And tall." (I'm glad he appreciates her intellect)
  • "We eat snacks. Mostly Cheetos." (Oh great...)
  • "I wish school was EVERY day!"
  • "My favorite part of school is the train table." (That's not a very big surprise...)
Lucas' teacher tells me this:
  • Lucas is prone to perfectionism. This is something we've always been aware of. He becomes frustrated when he cannot perform perfectly or execute a task in a way he deems "good." It takes a lot of patience at home when we color or write letters, because Lucas often says "it looks terrible! you do it, Mom." Finding that balance between honoring his perfectionist self, and teaching him to appreciate the imperfection is a challenge. In addition, I worry about labeling my child as a "perfectionist"... 
  • Lucas does not like to problem-solve with his friends. He's an independent worker. Obviously, Mrs. Candace hopes to encourage group work with Lucas by the end of the year, but we can see that this may be one of the drawbacks of having an only child. That being said, our little guy will eventually grow to appreciate his peers and the talents and abilities they bring to the table in group projects. This is one of the many reasons our little kiddo is in school.
  • Lucas is a thinker. Mrs. Candace has mentioned on several occasions that Lucas "misses nothing" and "is a very observant child." This warms my heart.
  • Lucas plays hard. His whole heart is in his play. Anyone who knows Lucas, will probably agree with this statement. Kid goes hard.
  • Lucas is a strong verbal communicator. He speaks with his friends as equals and is not afraid to ask questions. 

Anyway... it's all good and we're just so pleased to hear our little man is adjusting well to school life.

I'm going to post a few pics from the kiddos first field trip. We went to the pumpkin farm, and boy did we have a good time. It's been two days and Lucas is STILL talking about it. The littles learned all about farm animals, rode on a tractor trailer, picked out pumpkins and played, played, played! It was a great day for all of us!

Mama pig is not pictured here, but she would charge the fence and scare the kiddos when her piglets got close. That would explain Lucas' apprehensive facial expression.

Lucas told us the horse was his favorite.

Picking out pumpkins. It was terribly difficult to choose just one!

Mrs. Candace telling Lucas all about the farmland surrounding the pumpkin farm.
Lucas' classmates and teachers.

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