Thursday, October 03, 2013

Just What We Needed

Upon waking this morning, I decided today was a great day to get out and be in nature. After a little research and travel planning, I packed lunches and set out for a little adventure.

Ironically as we walked out the door, it began to rain. It hasn't rain in nearly two weeks, but today... it decided to rain. Nevertheless, I maintained schedule.

Lucas and I drove down to Whitewater State Park, Indiana. We drove through torrential rain showers and I decided that we'd hike anyway. Rain or shine.

Thankfully we didn't have to. The weather was perfect at the park.

There is something fantastical that comes alive in the Little when we're out and about. I recognize that we all have a magically confident side that awakens when we step into nature long enough. There is a definite connection to the Earth. For Lucas, it only takes a few minutes and he become more sure-footed, faster on the trail, quieter (thank goodness... because seriously that child talks... ), and has a keener eye for all that is around him.

A few of my favorite moments today centered around stopping on the trail, being very quiet and listening to the sounds of nature. At various points I asked Lucas what he thought he could hear and his responses included these statements:

"I think that is a family of squirrels. Probably a Daddy and a Mommy and a little boy squirrel. They are putting acorns in their food bin for the winter. They might drop one and it will grow into a tree because they will forget to pick it up before they go to bed."

"I hear a bird. It's probably an eagle." Me: "An eagle, huh?" Lucas: "Yep. That's definitely an eagle."

"The wind is blowing those leaves out of the trees (excitedly)! They're falling down! I'm going to catch ALL of them!!"

There were many different types of fungus in the forest today and every time we passed a group Lucas would say: "Mom please don't touch them... they are SO poisonous... don't eat them either!" 

My own mother would be proud.

Today was a much needed break from the regular routine we've adopted. I've found myself in a serious slump lately and really needed a little perspective. There is nothing like a little walk in the woods to bring perspective and though I still don't feel like myself, I'm encouraged by the natural beauty that is around us here in Indiana.

Today's mixture of quiet walking, exploring by the lakeside, seeing cute little critters, picnicking under the trees, and running through the fallen leaves was just what we needed.

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  1. I love nature walks!!! We did one every week during the summer and I've been thinking I need to start them up again even if there is snow on the ground!