Monday, October 07, 2013

Repair The Carnage

Happy Monday! The weeks are just flying by and here we are... into our full second week of October! Can't believe it...

Today is crispy and cool, which is an incredible relief. The past couple weeks here in Indiana have been an odd mixture of rain, warmth, and humidity... which felt unnatural with the Autumn season upon us. That being said, my fingers are cold and all I want to do is snuggle under the quilt today.

With coffee and cookies, of course.

Mondays tend to be the day I clean up after a busy, full weekend. Thankful for the activities and relaxation, I find myself sweeping up cookie crumbs, remaking beds, folding up sweat pants, and putting movies back in the cupboard. All tell-tale signs of a great weekend.

A few weekends ago, Matt and I were inspired to recover our table chairs. Proud of our accomplishment, I thought I'd post the before and after photos (I seriously need to invest in a better camera)...

As some of you may remember, Lucas had an incident with a couple nail polish bottles, which resulted in some seriously ugly damage. It's been a year and a half and we finally fixed it up. You can find that post here: Nail Polish Carnage.

It feels great to have newer seat covers. This table has been with Matt and I for nine years, and though it's small, it has been very dependable. We were happy to replace the seat covers knowing this table set will always be useful in our home.

Weekends are great for small projects like this. It was easy, anyone can do it. It was inexpensive in comparison to buying new chairs (especially if you wait and hunt for bargains on supplies)... and it was a fun way to spend the evening with the hubs! Teamwork!

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  1. Great job and they look awesome!!! How inspiring!