Monday, October 07, 2013

Minnetrista: Johnny Appleseed

If I am pleased with any aspect of Lucas' preschool experience thus far, it is the field trips. The educators at his school do a wonderful job with the quantity of trips and the quality of content. Lucas (and I) are being exposed to many wonderfully fun and educational aspects of Muncie through school.

This morning we visited a local area called "Minnetrista." It is the original land owned by the Ball Brothers and family (Ball Canning). This land was donated to the community and is now a rich educational center, park and natural area for native plant life.

Our visit to Minnetrista included learning about apples, how to press apples and apple cider. Apples are a large part of the Indiana culture and can be found all over the greater northern parts of the midwest. Many varieties are mixed for natural apple cider and the best cider in town can be found right here at our own Minnetrista Orchard Shop.


This morning was just another fun morning with Lucas friends and teachers (and parents). Thursday we head to the local library and once again, we are fortunate to be exposed to all the fun points of Muncie.

Industrial cider press.
Lucas grinding an apple for the press.

Johnny Appleseed telling his story.
Examining apples in the orchard.

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  1. That's so cool that you guys get to go on so many fun and educational field trips!!! What a great school you have there :)