Monday, October 14, 2013

Chicago: Lincoln Park Zoo

Matt had a meeting up in Chicago, which made for an excellent opportunity to get away for a day. What a great day it was!

We spend our time at the Lincoln Park Zoo. We just adore Chicago (...would live there if we could afford downtown urban life) and the zoo was just confirmation that our love affair is completely justified.

Lincoln Park Zoo is a thirty-five acre chunk of land that has been carved out of the skyscrapers and busyness of downtown Chicago. It is a place with old trees, old buildings and grassy places to people watch. People from all over the World come to enjoy the animals, the park-like ambiance and the wide open areas to be together.

My heart swelled with joy as I watched Lucas play with other children who spoke three different languages. Lucas was the only child on the play area who spoke English. This created a deep heart of thankfulness within me, for it's not every day we can expose our children to people who come from different backgrounds, and yet, are not very different from us at all.

Although it was a long day, the trek from Muncie to Chicago was well worth it. We feel fortunate to have a city that is multicultural, full of adventure and on the water so close by! I can guarantee that Chicago will be a place we find ourselves visiting often.

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  1. Pretty cool! What a great experience for Lucas, too, I bet!