Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Autumn Artfulness

Autumn feels like a time of artfulness for the Earth. A time when she is discarding the things she doesn't need anymore (like leaves and flowers and such), but instead of just throwing them away, Earth creates something beautiful first.

She creates vibrant colors and allows those colors to fall onto the grass... creating beds and walkways of beauty. She stuns us with fields of golden crops and low-lit sundowns. The crisp nights create large dewdrops on the grass in the mornings, which glisten and sparkle in the bright dawn.

Autumn is artful.

In our home, we've felt inspired too. Rather than ignore all the beautiful art around us, we plucked some of it up and created our own art.

Autumn is a wonderful time to enjoy the Earth and each other as we create something fun and beautiful together.

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” 

“Autumn is the hardest season. The leaves are all falling, and they're falling like
they're falling in love with the ground.” 

“At no other time (than autumn) does the earth let itself be inhaled in one smell, the ripe earth; in a smell that is in no way inferior to the smell of the sea, bitter where it borders on taste, and more honeysweet where you feel it touching the first sounds. Containing depth within itself, darkness, something of the grave almost.” 

“I loved autumn, the one season of the year that God seemed to have put there just for the beauty of it.” 


  1. What a beautiful post!

    1. Thanks Kay. We just love this time of year! It makes for great opportunities for creativity and soul searching.