Tuesday, October 15, 2013


A little conversation I had with Lucas tonight:

Me: *turns off stairwell light*

Lucas: "Mom, please turn that light back on."

Me: "Lucas I am turning this light off, because you are being too loud and silly. You need to go to sleep now."

Lucas: "Argh! Mom, turn the light on!!"

Me: *Leaves light off... stands in silence at the bottom of stairs*

Lucas: "Mom, you NEED to turn that light on... PLEASE!"

Me: "Lucas, I am not turning this light back on."

Lucas: "Argh!! I am going to be disrespectful!!!.... unless you turn the light back on."

Me: *ohmygosh, did he really just say that?*

Quite possibly one of the funniest things he's said yet.

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