Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Here's To Joy

Okay guys... confession time. I have no good reasons as for why this blog has been neglected. My only reason is that I've been really low. Like, emotionally low. Like, depressed.

If we all have a "thorn in the flesh" one of my biggest "thorns" is low-grade depression that comes and goes, especially when life is most challenging. The irony of depression is that it hits you when times are the most difficult. Lately, things have been difficult.

I'm working on a few things (like my diet, my spirituality and my physical activity) to get my heart in a better place. Feeling like I'm in control of myself again is really important for stability and I'm aiming to get back there.

In addition, focusing on the joy of the every day. I need to do that more. The every day of life is our life. Why not focus on the joys that greet us in the moments we least expect it? The joy of a great run, or a peaceful afternoon. Let these joys dictate the joy in our heart. Rather than go from one disappointment to the next, I would like to see my heart go from one joy to the next.

So... here's to joy. Here's to turning over a new leaf...

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  1. Oh, I hate to hear that you're struggling, but I know it is just real life sometimes, especially at big times of transition and finding new rhythms of life. HUGS.