Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Halloween 2013

Halloween (or Harvest) is an incredibly fun time for kids. As Matt and I reminisced these times in our own childhood, I quickly and easily remembered being happy and excited. Dressing up is a fond activity for littles, as they experiment with the idea of being something different than themselves... or maybe what they'll be when they grow up! It's a time when adults can pretend to be kids too... dressing up, eating candy and spending quality time with their littles over festive activities like pumpkin carving.

Some of my sweetest memories are over the Halloween holiday.

This year, we did all the traditional things. Cookie decorating, pumpkin carving, seed roasting, costumes, parties,  and a little trick-or-treating!

This year, Lucas was Peter Pan. And a pretty cute one, at that.

One aspect that was different... Muncie switched trick-or-treating from Thursday night to Friday night due to heavy storms. Truth be told, I was thankful... because holy heck! The storm we had Thursday night was ugly. That being said, we found it humorous that Muncie is small enough to change an entire holiday to a different day.

As a family we went to Matt's boss' house to enjoy candy, and festive beverages. The company was fun and jovial as we all sat on the front porch to greet kiddos with candy and witty remarks. As a family and with new friends, it was a very fun holiday.

Matt was feeling particularly dangerous as he carved his pumpkin.

After initial gross-out, Lucas thought the pumpkin guts were particularly hilarious.

Lucas' school party... he's here with Mrs. Candace, his teacher.

Even dressed as Peter Pan, Lucas does a fairly intimidating Frankenstein.
Ready to Trick-Or-Treat

Even from afar, Brooklynn was an adorable Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Miss that girl!

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