Sunday, November 24, 2013

Go With The Flow

We're home today... for a little over twelve hours. I'm powering out cranberry sauce, scones and potentially an apple pie. It's a tidge crazy up in here!

Right now we're attempting to balance Matt's freelance schedule with our "real life" and it's proving to be a challenge. That being said, it's all fun stuff and in an effort to keep it fun I'm doing my best to sway with things and "go with the flow."

Even still... I have my concerns. Lucas couldn't remember where we lived this morning (insert deep concerned sigh here). We're going to need therapy, aren't we?

Thursday we drove to Cincinnati (Matt's doing a show there) and stayed for three nights.

Today is Sunday and we've driven back to Muncie. Matt is responsible for a dance theater production and absolutely needs to be in rehearsal today. So, we're here today for a little over 12 hours.

Tonight, after Matt's last rehearsal... we'll drive back to Cincinnati and be there till Wednesday morning, which means we'll drive back to Muncie.* We enjoy our time in Cincinnati, as we have a few really sweet and dear friends to catch up with.

Thursday is Thanksgiving and we'll drive to Dayton to spend the holiday with a few dear friends.

The next morning (Friday), we'll drive back to Cincinnati so Matt can finish out rehearsals there. I think we'll drive back to Muncie on Wednesday morning.

The next Friday morning, we'll drive to Marshall to see friends through the weekend, which will be a wonderful time of reconnecting and celebration.

A week from that Friday, we'll drive to St. Louis for the weekend.

And then... we'll have Christmas break. It will be great, relaxing and wonderful to be at home. And we can breathe...

*Somewhere in here we're closing on a house.

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  1. Wow, that all sounds CRAZY, but fun and exciting too! I hope that you all are coping with the madness well, with or without therapy...