Monday, December 02, 2013

Astounding Thankfulness

The month dedicated to thankfulness has past, and yet I find myself ever increasingly thankful. November flew through our lives, blowing out the warm Autumn air and bringing in the crisp fresh air of Winter and December.

The last week of November, I realized there is never a time when we can be thankful enough... and yet a heart of thankfulness seems to be what we all need to get through. How can thankfulness be something that makes our world better? And yet, it does. It's the spirit of it all. Thankfulness is relative... we have varying levels of thanks and as it applies to each of us individually, we all realize how content we are.

The man on the street who appears to be homeless... I offer him my gloves, but he politely declines and says: "How will I eat my chocolate muffin with mittens on?" He pulls a chocolate muffin out of his inner coat pocket. I can't help but laugh, because indeed... eating a muffin with mittens seems just impossible. He also adds, "I have gloves in my other pocket too..." He smiles (toothless) and says, "God bless you. You are too kind." I can see thankfulness in his heart.

As we proceed down the street, it makes me equally thankful to see the man smile.

Thanksgiving Day was a joy for us. Yes, the food was delicious. The wine was perfect. The company was delightful. But... what made the day most joyous was the fact that a family opened their hearts and invited us to celebrate the day together. Grandparents, kids, great grandparents... everyone related... and then us. Yet, we felt welcomed and right at home. A bed was made for us to stay and breakfast was prepared the next morning. There is nothing more enjoyable than being in a home with friends who treat you like family. Our kids ran from room to room, laughing. We sat and told family stories while discussing heritage and old fashioned values.  My heart was warmed by the love I felt extended and the acceptance than can only come from a place of thankfulness.

The Burley Family... minus the twins.

I felt thankful for true friendship that extends the miles and time spent apart.

As I write this, we're on the last couple days of our fourteen day stay in Cincinnati. Matt is working hard, spending the majority of his time in the theater. Lucas and I have had the opportunity to see things, spend time with friends and enjoy the city! We can do all of this, because Matt works incredibly hard to provide these opportunities for us! Our situation can be challenging, but this past week I have been increasingly aware of how lucky we are to have Matt. And in addition, how fortunate we are that Matt has work that pays well enough. It hasn't always been this way. An awareness of how rough things can get makes us incredibly thankful. I am often overwhelmed by Matt's hardworking nature. Lucas and I are blessed with opportunity and exposure, due to Matt.

I have astounding thankfulness for Matt and the way he's shaped his career to serve us and our family.

This past week I've had opportunities to be thankful for everything from a toothless smile, friends who are now like family and a reminder of how thankful I am for the man who chose me to be his partner for life. Every season we have different thanks to be had, and I have to remind myself that we ALL have SOMETHING to be thankful for.

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