Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Life Of The City

This evening we head back to the quiet, predictable town of Muncie. I look forward to doing some laundry (I've managed to cycle three outfits over the course of five days...which is a feat for me!), making food from scratch again, and getting Lucas back in school. Being home will be nice.

With that being said, I know I'm going to miss the life of this city. It's been a wonderful and surprisingly enjoyable trip for us. I'm just so grateful Matt brought us along.

I took various pics of this town, and like I stated before... there is something here that wasn't before. There is a life in this area and a heart that seems to be beating again. There are still flaws in the system and the gentrification of this neighborhood has it's drawbacks (many), but the heart of this city seems to be beating again.

That, and we have some pretty awesome friends here too.

At the City Library Downtown

Breakfast with our friend Rob. Love this guy so much.

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