Friday, November 08, 2013

Parent-Teacher Conference 2013

This morning I had my first parent-teacher conference, ever. I gotta tell you guys... I feel incredibly blessed that Lucas is in a preschool class where he is loved, and treated like an individual. Mrs. Candace finds that perfect balance between letting the kiddos find their social sea-legs and yet, identifies where they are at emotionally as a unique and special little person.

We are so lucky!

First off, Lucas is doing spectacular. For the sake of remembering (and not boasting...) I want to write a few thoughts down here. Lucas is very strong in writing skills. This is something I'm happy to hear. Three months ago, writing was a point of frustration. This is progress, folks. I just love progress!

Secondly, Lucas' fine motor skills are off the charts (if there were a chart...) and this pleases me. This boy of ours is "all boy." He loves him some rough and tumble. In the midst of that rough and tumble, our little man is able to draw, trace and color with accuracy and legibility. A tender side? I hope so! So proud of him (can you tell!?).

Third (and probably the one that warms my heart the most)... most of Lucas' drawings have included pictures of his mama. Many of Lucas' drawings include Dad, and grandparents... but a majority of them have mom somewhere. Warms my heart, I tell ya! One drawing (hilarious) was a picture of God, laying on his bare belly in the grass (don't even try to understand it...), and then in the very tippy top of the page was a small smiley face. That smiley face was mom. What a gem! Love that kid so very much.

Lucas is still learning to navigate the social perimeters of school. That being said, every kid is learning this in preschool. We still need to work on keeping our hands to ourselves, playing rough and asking for help when needed. Lucas tends to take matters into his own hands when social situations don't go his way. Kiddo needs to learn to seek a mediator. This is probably due to the fact that he's an only child... meaning, he's never really needed a mediator until now. We'll work on it.

Mrs. Candace mentioned that Lucas is a thinker. I like this. He evaluates and she often sees him observing... and can imagine the wheels turning in his head. Though Lucas is verbally strong and very physical, he is a person who processes mentally and figures things out in his head before starting something new. I found this to be an interesting assessment, as we don't often notice these little quirks at home.

School for our little man has been such a success! I can't imagine going back to homeschooling full time. I'm incredibly proud of the person Lucas is becoming, even in this short amount of time. He's developing beautifully, in the midst of the bumps and normal hiccups of learning to be a man (as there will be many, I'm sure).

In addition, I am ever so grateful for Mrs. Candace and her ability to love each child well. I truly believe her experience as a long-time teacher and as a mother are factors that contribute to her ability to see her kids for who they are at the heart. In addition, she has the most tender and gentle heart... yet a firm spirit. Thank God for awesome teachers!

So there you have it, folks. Our kiddo is really good at school. I am proud of him and couldn't be more grateful for all the doors God has opened to ensure this would be a positive experience for all of us.

Parents, train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6

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