Monday, December 09, 2013

First Time Home Ownership: Complete!

Last Friday Matt and I signed papers on a house. This home has been a bit of a challenge to wrestle down, but we finally nabbed it! Back in October, we put in an offer and here we are... December (the 6th to be exact) and it's finally ours (technically still the bank's, but fifteen years from now it should be ours!)! Yay!

This picture was taken in the Fall... there is snow all around now!
Since the day Matt and I were married, we talked about buying a home and making it our own. Both of us were blessed to be influenced by our family's knack for taking something and making it your own. With that, we envisioned having a home that was "rough around the edges" and "needed some love."

This home is exactly that! Structurally, it's perfect. Original walls, foundation and floor plan are all intact; but the house needs updating. The kitchen has the original cabinets, and no appliances. The walls have wallpaper that is a wee bit dated and the floors have carpet that need cleaning.

This is a "panoramic" view of the interior. Matt is standing in front of the main entry, the bedrooms are to the left and the picture is taken from the dining/kitchen area. Gotta love that wallpaper, right?!

Down the line we envision new light fixtures, flooring, an updated kitchen and an overhaul of the fine details in the home. Details often make the difference. New windows, trim and doors will really spruce things up.

For now, Matt is working hard to get things move-in ready! My man bought appliances while I was out of town and I gotta tell you... he is amazing! It's great to know we're both on the same page sometimes.

Between painting, carpet cleaning and having the well-water treated, it should take about a week (or so) to get into the house. I can hardly wait!

This is our backyard! It's so big! Last night, Lucas and Matt did laps on the snow disc around the tree. I was misty-eyed at how fortunate we are.
Right now, Matt and I have much to be thankful for. Not only do we have a home we can call our own, but it's a home that is extremely affordable for us! We were deliberate about finding a home that would actually make life easier, rather than more stressful. Compromises are easier when you think about how stressful it is to not be able to afford a mortgage payment down the road. Being financially responsible and wise took precedence over all other variables in finding a home.

This house gave us everything we wanted in addition to being affordable. I'm not sure we could be any more thankful than we are right now for a place to call home.


  1. I just love this house! It is super cute, and I can't wait to see how you guys make it your own.

  2. Congratulations Beth! You deserve it! Have fun making it your own!

  3. So excited and happy for you guys! And proud, too. It's not as easy to buy a house as it used to be. Congratulations and enjoy! Thank you for sharing this post-- beautiful.