Thursday, January 09, 2014

Welcome The New Year

I sit here in our brightly lit dining room, coffee in hand, bathrobe still on. It's ten-twenty in the morning and I'm refusing to let my chaotic night, lack of sleep and worry of sick child get me down. I've already downed my smoothie, which I packed with extra ginger in hopes to give me inspiration, a lift and maybe a little detox today. And while I sit here in my bathrobe, coffee in hand I look out at the snow-covered everything.

It's been exactly a month since my last blog post and though the four weeks have flown by, much has taken place. We've settled into our new home and it's beginning to smell of our warmth, food and coffee. We've painted here and there, torn off wallpaper, replaced water filters, moved furniture, cleaned floors, scrubbed walls, moved furniture again and really grown to love our new home even more.

Spending a holiday in a new home makes all the difference. It feels more like us.

It was a blissful Christmas Season for us. Quiet. Fun. Relaxing. Matt and I finished a puzzle, played board games, drank lots of beer and watched old westerns. I can't remember the last time we had time to kill. Endless hours to do as we please... nap, play games with the kiddo, go for walks, trudge through the snow and just laugh together. We missed our families, yes. In fact, Christmas felt weird without the bustle and travel and loud rooms full of people laughing and eating delicious foods. But sometimes weird is good. This year, the weird was good for us.

Today, we're on our fourth day of no school, everything is closed, snow-day. The roads still have a lot of ice and packed in snow... our backyard is deep with the white and my bird feeder has been picked clean. After a wonderful holiday, I struggle to let go of the "break" we had. I want it to last forever, but alas, nothing last lasts forever.

It's time to welcome this new year.

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  1. I struggle to let go of the break too! I really like the quiet down-time. It's good for me to think about the good that is routine and our everyday life on the other hand.