Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mom Date

I did it. I went on a "mom date". Yes, I said mom date. I went on a date with another mom in the area, whom I did not know before our date. Being a person who considers herself industrious, I refuse to rule out internet dating. Yes, I met my new friend via the internet. We're in the twenty-first century here people!

I met my new friend (I'm not going to say her name, just because I want to respect her privacy and our new friendship) over a forum and even though no one hardly uses this forum (which would have been nice to know in the first place) the two of us put ourselves out there for the world to accept or reject. Neither happened and our little comments just lay there for everyone to see, but no one to respond to. My new friend probably realized that I had hung myself out there to dry and sent me a message. So I gave her my personal email (big step people!) and we talked about meeting up (we moved pretty fast).

Of course we would have to meet up... this is how you make new friends. But then all my insecurities and inadeqacies start to creep in. "Oh gosh, what if she thinks I'm lame?" "What if she's super Jesusy and realizes that I don't read my Bible every day?" "What if I talk too much!?" "What if I'm not stylish enough?"  It felt just like dating again and the overwhelming sense of insecurity was too much to bear. So... I put all of those thoughts out of my head, told myself to buck up and make a friend already!

Today we walked in the park and shared all the preliminary information about ourselves (jobs, hubbies, houses)... you know, all the superficial stuff that seems to define who we are, but doesn't really define who we are... the stupid stuff we all hang our hats on. We had a lot in common, including being first-time mom's and not knowing the first thing about being a mom. We've both lived in new cities all over the place. My new friend and I both like coffee. We both LOVE Whole Foods! I mean c'mon people, this is the stuff real relationships are built on (I say this jokingly, but really).

So, after preliminary stuff we both agreed that we need to see each other again. Victory! Who knew my first date would be such a success?! Let's just hope she thinks I'm cool too.


  1. Yay! Good for you, Beth. That is brave stuff!

  2. SO awesome! It IS intimidating and such hard work to start over and create new friendships, but you gotta start or you'll never get to the comfort and beauty of deep ones, right? I'm proud of you!