Monday, January 17, 2011

Presently 18 Months

Yesterday I should have written, as it was Lucas' official 18th month birthday. I can't help but think about the fact that he'll be two, yes two years old, in six months. It's just too much. Some Mom's encourage their kiddos to grow up so fast... but I just cling to every day, knowing it'll slip by without notice if I'm not careful.

So we focus on the present and presently our little boy is a year and a half old. He is no longer and infant, but a toddler. To be more accurate, he hardly toddles. He runs wildly and enthusiastically. His ability to get around quickly is astounding. I vividly remember his first birthday, and he was still refusing to walk on his own. Throughout this entire process of growing a person, I am continually impressed with the rate at which Lucas (and other adorables his age) learn, grow and develop. It's truly a miracle.

Our little guy is "all boy". As he grows, we see the slamming, hitting, banging, throwing and roughhousing only a boy would enjoy. His ability to slam himself carelessly into a wall or object is astounding. And to boot, he picks himself up, rubs the sore spot and continues on his destructive path of fun. I continually find myself (like a broken record) saying, "Gently" or "No hitting" or "That will hurt you". I feel like my rhetoric all revolves around the prevention of violent behavior.

On a more tender note, Lucas is a little snuggler. Oh how he loves a hug! And it just melts my heart every time. He will put his toys down, walk over to one of us and hug a leg. When we pick him up, he will lay his head on our shoulder nearly every time, and give us a slight squeeze. It's just SO cute! In addition to hugs, we are often gifted with an open-mouthed, wet kiss. Kisses and hugs are plentiful around here. It's a joy to see out little guy replicating the love we share with him, in return.

Lucas is quite the singer and dancer. It's very entertaining to see him quite literally, shake his booty. He often reminds me of his Papa Sam when he stands in one place, and shakes his booty to the beat of a song. Hilarious!

In addition, he has started singing with us in the car. Granted, he may be tone deaf at this point (because what we're hearing is quite comical), but he is clearly singing along with us. Not only does he sing in the car, but he sings ABC's too. We tend to sing this song more frequently, therefore it's more familiar and a bit more recognizable when he sings along. In spite of whatever our little man is humming, it warms my heart every time.
This was snapped immediately following a "jam session" while waiting for Dadda. He looks so smug... typical musician, right?
Lucas is speaking more, although it would be delightful if he was speaking the English language more often. He talks a mile a minute, and often sounds as if he was speaking Chinese (unfortunately, neither Matt or I speak Chinese). The words we understand are wonderful and we're thankful for every addition he tacks on daily. They currently include: Dadda, Mamma, Bye (bah), Hi, Kitty (KeeKee), Tree (Twee), Snow, More Please (Eh Eh), Thank You (Eh Eh) NoNoNoNo (my favorite), Good Night (Nigh Nigh), Eat (Eee), and of course the sign language he's been using for nearly a year.

We are very fortunate to have a healthy and strong little boy. Lucas is quite capable and on a daily basis we see him grow and develop in big ways. As he continues to develop, we too try and learn how to communicate, love and teach him to the best of our abilities. It's often a daily challenge to give him exactly what he needs to learn how to become the young man we want him to be become; and more importantly the young man God wants him to become.

As we all pray for our children, we ask you to cover us as parents with prayer too. It's a daunting task being mothers and fathers and often, love just isn't enough. It is our goal to raise Lucas to become a man who respects himself, loves others and honors God. As we leave the infant months and enter into the next few years of toddler life, we are excited to see a glimpse of who Lucas will become. But we also see the challenge ahead as a complex and serious challenge. We love our little boy SO much. Happy 18 months, Lucas!
It's only appropriate I put a naked pic up. Lucas is naked nearly all the time these days.


  1. I can't believe Liam's only 6 months away from hitting the 18 month mark. Like you, I treasure his infant-hood, while encouraging him to learn and grow.

    They just grow SO FAST!

    Happy Half Birthday, Lucas :)

  2. Beth...

    I have been getting so much encouragement and joy out of reading your blog lately. I think because for the first time since I started blogging I take the time and really enjoy other peoples blogs now.
    Its so nice to know there are other moms who feel the same way I do about their kiddos. Everyone says kids grow up too quickly, but your right, we push them in so many ways. These past few weeks have been eye openers in the Duncan house on how truly precious time is with the kiddos so I have just really enjoyed reading about you guys! WE miss you tons!