Thursday, January 13, 2011

Salt Lake City's Aquarium

Erin and I took the boys to The Living Planet Aquarium today. I suppose there are a few things that do not belong in an area where this is no coastline... and an aquarium would be that.

I will admit, it was SO fun to take the kiddos to a place where there are lots of "fishes". The boys LOVED the penguins, which warmed my heart. To boot, the place was fairly quiet, which allowed the boys to run and play in safe areas.

Sadly, it made me miss Oregon even more. Erin and I talked about significantly larger aquariums on the Pacific Coast and I told her all about both Newport and Monterey... such neat places full of oceanic wonders.

That being said, it was a fun day out and gave the kiddos something fun to talk about on the way home. Not that we understood a word they were saying.
Lucas driving a boat
Quentin & Lucas... they're both wearing plaid shirts! How cute is that!?
Quentin loves penguins!
Erin, Quentin, Lucas & I... Love them...

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