Wednesday, January 19, 2011

St. George, Part I

Tomorrow we will be venturing out of the Salt Lake Valley into the area they call "Utah's Dixie"... otherwise known as St. George, Utah. Matt will be partially representing Univ. of Utah's Theater Program at the UTA Conference. In doing so, he will be teaching various workshops and recruiting whippersnapper high school students who believe they've got the chops to make it in a University Theater Program.

So while Matt is being a professional, Lucas and I will be the non-professionals and try and entertain ourselves around town. I'm sure that will include eating some good food and doing a little shopping. Yes, please.

Anyway... St. George is special for the following reasons:
  • It is the most popular route of entry into Zion National Forest
  • It lies at the corner of Southwest Utah being neighbors to both Nevada and Arizona...Vegas baby!
  • St. George's history is largely due to Brigham Young's plantation of cotton farms as a result of the Civil War. Brigham felt he would jump on that soul train and exploit the toils of war by gaining an edge on the cotton industry out here in the West. Needless to say, his experiment was a failure. And hence the name "Dixie".
  • If I were LDS, I would be freaking out about St. George, because it has the most gorgeous Tabernacle! And the Temple isn't too shabby either. Mormon history in St. George is wonderful. But, I'm not Mormon... so I'm only a little excited...kidding. I'm pretty stoked to check out all the historical sites!
Other than that... it appears as if St. George is not special for any other reason. I am hoping to be proven wrong while we are out there. They better have an awesome mall. Kidding again.

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