Monday, January 24, 2011

St. George, Part II

We went, we conquered and returned.

St. George was a charming town and surprisingly larger than one would have imagined. The town lies in an arid part of Utah with cactus, palm trees and lots of rock. To boot, each day was full of sun and warmth. It was a refreshing break from the cold temperatures of Salt Lake City.

We set off on Thursday morning... fairly early to ensure Matt would be in town for registration. In spite of all our careful planning and execution, we were broad-sighted by Lucas' unfortunate bout of gastrointestinal issues. Of course. Because what's a trip without illness, right? We can't go anywhere with that kid!

We ended up stopping five times in the course of what was supposed to be a five hour trip. We stopped at gas stations, McDonald's, random parking lots and the side of the highway. It was not the type of adventure either of us was anticipating that day.

Thankfully, we made it just in the nick of time for registration at Dixie State College's UTA Conference. Phew! Lucas and I were happy to get out of the car and run around for a bit and Matt was happy to just be there. I have a feeling he was quickly regretting bringing us along for the ride.

In spite of the travel poo's (which were not limited to travel and ended up being a HUGE part of our entire weekend) we were able to enjoy the amazing scenery Utah has to offer on Highway 15. The transition from mountain to desert was amazingly gorgeous and  found myself wanting to see more.

Rocky Ridge

The edge of Zion Nat'l Park in the distance.

Red Cliffs area outside of St. George

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