Thursday, February 10, 2011

Life has been full of challenges for our budding toddler (and his parents), but he still manages to melt our hearts on a daily basis.
Woodland creatures on one's pj's definitely help with the cuteness.

 *Not that I should be sharing secrets, but this little cutie was in timeout four times today. Our first timeout was fifteen minutes after getting out of bed. Now that the day has passed and he's sleeping like a little angel, I can look at these pictures and say to myself, "It was all worth it."

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  1. A similar thing happened with Liam yesterday. He didn't get any timeouts (not quite old enough yet), but he was being a little stinker last night. Really whiny, and kept pushing/throwing things away from him. He was having quite the little 'tude at Buffalo Wild Wings. However, as we left the restaurant, we couldn't help but gawk over how cute he is. With his jeans cuffed up, his little shoes, wearing a little fleece Columbia jacket that was similar to Daddy's, and those piercing blue eyes. He was also giggling and laughing when we tickled him. Too cute!

    Still a little stinker, but I love him <3