Friday, February 11, 2011


* I am going to forewarn you... this post may have WAY too much information for the faint of heart.

Before bedtime tonight, Lucas took a shower. And after a shower we always grease him up with a thick layer of lotion (he's dealing with eczema right now). The last thing I want to do is try and get a diaper and pj's on a greasy kid... so I let him run around naked.

Fun times!

While this happens I do all the prep work for nigh-night time which includes picking up toys, finding Keith Richards and a binky, prepping a bottle and getting the vaporizer set up (we do that to help with the eczema).

In the middle of my prep work Lucas runs up with a certain look on his face. The looks says, "I don't know what to do with this... something is weird!" So I follow him into his room and realize my suspicions were correct.

Lucas poo'ed on the floor. Then I notice there is poo on the top of his foot. Great. Not only did he poo on the floor, but he kicked his turd once... giving himself a poo-smear on the top of foot. Even better.

Who kicks a turd!?

Okay... so I just had to share. I imagine a ton of mothers deal with poo-related weirdness but this just took my day to a whole new level of weird.


  1. Hilarious- although I'm sorry you had to clean it up!

  2. Ha! That has never happened to me but it's pretty funny! Poo is always a great story subject. :)

  3. I don't have a poo story with Liam, but my dad loves sharing one about me. Let's just say, his nickname for me after that was "Poo-paso."`

  4. Steph! How can you have two boys and no poo stories!? You must be the best mom, EVER! I will admit, it's my fault... our kid runs around naked far too often and I'm just asking for trouble every time.