Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Was Yesterday

Yup... Easter was yesterday and now it's over. That being said, the spiritual side of Easter is always heavy on my heart for weeks to follow. Our faith is such a strong part of our home, that it seems impossible to just go back to the routine so suddenly.

We didn't take many photos. Matt was exhausted from work and he wasn't up for lots of cheer. In spite of his uber-tiredness, we made it to church and to the luncheon in the afternoon. We are part of such a loving community and the luncheon was exquisite. I can't even describe how beautiful the food was... and wine! Oh Lord... wine at a church event!? Yes please. I knew we picked an amazing group of people to worship with!

Anywho... I snapped a pic or two of the Little Man in his ADORABLE sweater vest. Yes... I will pat myself on the back for that cuteness, because I picked out that neato little hipster vest. Just wanna pinch those cheeks!

Doesn't Matt look excited to be alive? Poor guy... only had four hours of sleep.

If your asking yourself: "Why does that child look like he's pooping?"... it's because he WAS pooping. Seriously child... seriously?! Do you HAVE to poop now. Yup. That made Easter special.


  1. I find that if Violet is happy and content and playing alone without demanding my attention, then she is 90% likely to be pooping.

  2. Everybody poops ;)