Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reasons of Vanity

Awhile back I wrote my thoughts regarding motives and how all too often I use diet as a means of attempting to look or feel the way society dictates I should look. If you forgot, it's here. Well... I've fallen off the wagon and it's all for good cause... but I'll be the first to admit that it's for reasons of vanity.

I have acne and it plagues me. Literally. Thank God in Heaven it's only on my face, but everyone... everyone!... sees my face. I'm thirty years old and for the love of Pete!, I still have acne... possibly worse than my teens or college.

So in spite of all my desires to be content in the way I am, I cannot, will not, have not been content with my pizza face (yes I said it). Wearing makeup only exacerbates the problem and even then it's like holding a sign above your head that says: Yes I'm Wearing Makeup Because I Have Cursed Skin, thankyouverymuch.

I've tried every cosmetic product under the planet (within reason)... masks, lotions, facial peels, organic, all-natural, oil-free.. blah, blah, blah... and still, it's an issue. So if nothing topical works, then maybe, just maybe it's internal.

Who would think!?

Yes. That's how I'm thinkin. So I weaned myself off coffee. Yup. I did it. I went from a HUGE three-cups of coffee a day to nothing, nada, zilch. It took about a month total, but I started with just one cup a day then slowly went to a smaller cup and eventually only half of a small cup. Now I only brew coffee for Matt in the morning, not me.

There are lots of theories out there regarding nutrition and your skin and most of them disregard any type of nutritional therapy altering your skin in a positive way... but I seriously doubt that. Afterall, we are what we eat, right? And I have a theory that my acne is hormone related and since caffeine is a stimulant, wouldn't it stimulate certain hormones in my system (like adrenaline)? Right. So if I cut back on the stimulants and attempt to get my hormones in balance, maybe, just maybe... the acne will ease up.

Now I'm hooked on this gem of a treat:
Stash Lemon Ginger Tea
"I'm thrilled to be drinking this tea! Can't you tell?"

Now... to get rid of the skin problems that make me look like I never take a shower!

*The above photo is INCREDIBLY forgiving and I have NO idea how that happened. My acne is typically on the sides of my cheeks and chin... so maybe I should always have my picture taken at this angle and with a cup (or any inanimate object) in front of my face.


  1. I am with ya on this. Whoever made me believe that I would no longer get zits as an adult is in my doghouse. It is even worse when you are a helpless picker! AH! I seemed to get them after having babies and having whacked out hormones, but it eventually went away.

    I hope you can go back to coffee sometime. My heart breaks for you. On the bright side, you are still beautiful and I bet no one notices those things but you.

  2. I have way more acne in my thirties than I thought I would, too. What the heck, universe? Pregnancy and breastfeeding both really help (the Pill did too) so I've got, oh, another 18 months before I really have to worry about it again. When it does, I think I might try some dietary changes; I suspect sugar may be a trigger for me.

  3. I was gonna say--I didn't see any acne in this pic! It must be working! Sad about the coffee. :( And I'm with the other girls---acne haunts me! I yell at it and tell it to go back to the 90's where it belongs. You look great, Beth!