Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Capture A Moment

Every Mom should get her heart's desire on Mother's Day, right? Well... my hearts desire is ALWAYS more photos of the three of us. That being said, it can't just be any photo. I want the following criteria in order to get the photo I have in my minds eye:

  • Good Day - We all have to be happy. Nothing is worse than a photo with baggage attached... "... oh yea... I totally remember that photo! It was taken about 15 seconds after Dad yelled at Mom for being such a nag." Good memories.
  • Good Outfits - Ideally it would be great if everyone coordinated, but not so much that it looks like we planned it. No clashing and no slobs.
  • Good Ambiance - Basically... it would be great if the photo included scenery that was pretty or a nonchalant tidy living room scene. I always get lost on the tidy part.
  • The Perfect Photo - You can set the scene, but the photo is where the money is. Everyone has to be looking into the camera, with adorable smiles and no double chins (this is where I fail).
That being said, I told Matt I wanted to try and get a few pics before leaving for church on Sunday... because it was MY day, right? My day to dictate that we're ready 15 minutes ahead of schedule and I actually get to put lip gloss on BEFORE we get in the car.

Needless to say, I failed on the family portrait. It's crazy to think I could wrestle my child into a cute picture while ensuring Matt's smile looks normal and I don't have what appears to be a sprig growing out of my head (see below). Oh well. I still snapped some adorables that are definite keepers of the hubs and Lucas. At least I have cute guys to work with.

Of course Matt looks great... but then there is that sprig & doesn't Lucas understand how much I want him to look at the camera!?
I love, LOVE, LoVe that Lucas is using Matt's cheeks as handles!


  1. It is SO hard to get good pics of the whole family. Someone always has a strange look on their face, or their moving too much, or the lighting isn't right, and so on, and so on.

    I also love the pic of Lucas on Matt's shoulders <3

  2. SO TRUE! I, too, place immense pressure and value on THE PERFECT picture. Even the ones I'm happiest with (which we paid for) have baggage--I had to bribe the whiney kids with jelly beans.